Risk Profile: Employee Background Checks

Negligent hiring liability is a basis for recovery against employers for the wrongful and even criminal actions of employees against third parties, whether those actions are performed within or outside the scope of employment. The requirements of this tort are satisfied when the offending employee is hired without an adequate background investigation and when such […]

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Risk Profile: Repair Garages

auto repair insurance

For twenty-four years, Business Insurance Associates has partnered with auto repair shops in Alaska to manage risk and protect their assets and we’ve seen firsthand the great results that can come out of a business succesfully leveraging risk to their benefit.

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After twenty four years in business and partnering with thousands of business owners in Alaska to manage their risks and put together commercial insurance programs, you become intimately familiar with the pain points for business owners.

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Contract Surety Bonds

Design services insurance

Bid season has arrived in Alaska, and we’ve already seen an uptick in bid, performance and payment bond requests from our clients, and that will only increase in the coming days and weeks as more and more opportunities are put out on the street.

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Risk Profiles: Product Recall

Any manufacturer has a host of risk exposures related to their products, and there should be formal and active program in place to mitigate those risks, and be prepared in the event they have to correct a deficiency or safety issue, and mishandling it could be costly.

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Risk Profiles: Russell Wilson

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round, with the 75th overall pick, few would’ve predicted at the time that not only were the Seahawks drafting a future Hall of Famer, but they were drafting the best risk manager in the National Football League.

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Risk Profiles: Subcontractors

In contracting, the use of independent subcontractors is a common place.  General contractors may subcontract anywhere from 10 or 15 percent of the work, all the way up to 90 percent of the work, and in many cases subcontractors will in turn utilize subcontractors themselves.

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The Insurance Application

As we’ve noted on numerous occasions, the process of identifying risk remains the most important step in the risk management process.  If you don’t identify a risk, then you have no ability to assess, or develop strategies to manage those risks.  A business owner can utilize a number of tools to help identify risk.

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