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Auto dealers and garages have unique exposures, and vary from company to company.  What isn’t unique is the need to manage those risks aggressively, on all fronts.  From premise, product and people exposures, to contractual risks, care, custody and control exposures and everything in between, it’s critical to protecting assets and long term sustainability.

Auto Rental companies also have unique risks, namely the exposure of having numerous vehicles on the roads driven by other parties.  How are you prequalifying your renters?  Are you leaving yourself open to being pulled into a lawsuit for negligence in renting the vehicle to that party?  Do you renters provide evidence they have insurance?  Are you confirming that? 


For 23 years we’ve been working with auto dealers, car rental companies, garage and repair facilities, body shops, custom fabrication installers, and auto accessory companies across the State of Alaska.  The risk management needs of each, while sharing many exposures and needs, is still unique and demands a risk management approach and robust insurance program.

 Business insurance Associates has appointments with all of the top rated local, regional and national insurance carriers providing coverage packages specifically designed for this classification of business.   You’re an expert in your industry, you have every right to expect those working with you in professional capacity also be experts in your industry.  Contact our office to learn more about how Business Insurance Associates can be a key asset in your business.

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“Cars are sculptures of our everyday lives.”
– Chris Bangle

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Even if you utilize a disclaimer, you can still be held liable for damage to a customer vehicle in your care?