Return to Work Programs (RTW)

A Return-to-Work Program is one element of a cost containment policy designed to eliminate wasteful spending and reduce the cost of workers‘ compensation insurance.   The concept is dedicated to getting injured workers back to work, by providing them with temporary modified jobs that account for any physical restrictions they may be under.

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Risk Profiles: Change

For any business owner or leader of an organization, change is inevitable.  Whether forced by conditions beyond your control, or initiated internally to meet a specific strategic goal, every business will face change whether invited or not.  How that change is managed can have a profound impact on your business and ability to sustain operations.

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Risk Profiles: Vehicle Usage

It’s not uncommon for business owners to allow valued employees to take a work vehicle home each night, a combination of convenience and benefit for all parties.  What is more common is the lack of a written vehicle usage policy that outlines the terms under which this arrangement needs to take place. This vehicle usage […]

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