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Business risk management means more than finding an insurance option.  Considering the whole picture helps us to build a comprehensive plan that includes an array of products or services.


For 23 years we’ve been working with construction contractors in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, from large multi million dollar road paving operations to smaller residential remodelers and every trade in between, it’s an industry we know and understand.

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Commercial Property

From large office buildings, hotels and retail outlets to lodges, residential habitational, manufacturing locations and cannabis facilities, we have a diverse portfolio of products and services designed to protect your assets and cash flow for years to come.

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From trucking, public transportation, and tour guides, to marine transportation, ocean cargo, and air travel, each company has very unique operations and varying appetites of risk which require a fluid insurance program.

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The risks for restaurants, bars, hotels, and others in hospitality are numerous.  Failure rates are among the highest of all businesses in this sector, and managing risks and protecting assets is a component of success. 

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Assisted Living

The risk management needs of each home, while sharing many exposures, is still unique and demands a risk management approach capable of protecting the caregivers, and allowing them to do what they do best and care for others.

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Auto Services

Auto dealers and garages have unique exposures that vary for each company.  What isn’t unique is the need to manage those risks aggressively.  From the premise, product, and people exposures, to contractual risks, it’s critical to protect your assets.

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Schools & Education

Whether you’re running a private school, providing educational consulting, running a camp with an educational component, or offering tutoring, there are risks in education, notably the exposure of children in most cases, that demand a vigorous risk management program backed by the right insurance program.

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Oil & Gas

For the state of Alaska, oil and gas continue to be key industries supporting the state economy, and providing tens of thousands of jobs, not through just direct employment but in contracted services.  Oilfield and Gas support spans from consultants, to rig operators, to trucking and transportation, to construction, to food services to habitational and everything in between. 

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Guides & Tourism

There is no disputing the importance of tourism to the State of Alaska, and business owners across the state who benefit from the $ 2.42 billion in direct annual visitor spending.  Roughly 40,000 Alaskans have jobs as a result, earning $ 1.3 billion in labor income. 

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Retail & Manufacturing

No industry has experienced technology-driven disruption like the retail and manufacturing industries.  Once a backbone of the American economy, internet-driven companies are putting extreme pressure on brick and mortar locations and putting business owners out of business all across America. 

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Design Professionals & Consultants

Architects, Engineers, Construction Surveyors and Consultants face a number of risks, most notably contractual risk, and professional errors and omissions risks that manifest themselves in various forms depending on the nature of the exposure. 

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Non Profit Associations

For23 years we’ve been working with some of the most established non profit associations in Alaska, our experienced staff is ready to partner with you to develop a comprehensive program designed to lower your total cost of risk and protect both association assets and the liabilities of those on the board.

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