After twenty four years in business and partnering with thousands of business owners in Alaska to manage their risks and put together commercial insurance programs, you become intimately familiar with the pain points for business owners.

While access to affordable healthcare and skilled labor remain key concerns, so does access to affordable legal help.

In today’s litigious society, business owners must protect themselves and be prepared to access legal assistance when it’s needed.  Unfortunately, this can be cost prohibitive in many cases, costing business owners tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves and get legal help.  Furthermore, lack of access to affordable legal help may actually dissuade business owners from doing things like collecting on disputed accounts receivables.  Are you going to pay an attorney $ 500 to send a demand letter on your behalf for a $ 1000 debt?  No, chances are you are writing that off if you can’t collect it yourself.

That’s where LegalShield comes in, providing affordable access to legal help for business owners for a whole range of issues.  In Alaska, small business owners can purchase a small business legal plan through LegalShield for $ 49/month (10 or few employees – additional plans available for larger employers).  That’s probably less then you spend on pizza every month, and at less than $ 600 a year it’s value is unquestioned.  Business Insurance Associates is an appointed broker with LegalShield, and we can register your business with a short one page application to prepaid legal help.  ‘

Why LegalShield?

Your peace of mind is our priority.  Our model for legal coverage matches your needs to our services with total transparency.  Once you sign up, you’ll have an entire law firm on your side.  In the State of Alaska (and Washington), that law firm is Lombino Martino, PS.

What we Cover

  • General Consultation – Talk on the phone with your provider firm about multiple matters
  • Designed Consultation – Discuss specific legal issues over the phone, from patents to taxes
  • Contract & Document Review – Make sure everything is accurate and in writing
  • Debt Collection Assistance – Protect your company from the most common legal problems
  • Letters & Phone Calls – Have your provider lawyer executed 20 to 40 calls or letters on your behalf

In addition to the small business LegalShield Plan, you can include the IndentifyTheft plan as well as a personal legal subscription, providing a broad layer of protection at an affordable cost.  To sign up for LegalShield, or to get more information, contact our office at (907) 274-4142 or email [email protected].