Risk Profiles: Subcontractors

In contracting, the use of independent subcontractors is a common place.  General contractors may subcontract anywhere from 10 or 15 percent of the work, all the way up to 90 percent of the work, and in many cases subcontractors will in turn utilize subcontractors themselves.

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The Insurance Application

As we’ve noted on numerous occasions, the process of identifying risk remains the most important step in the risk management process.  If you don’t identify a risk, then you have no ability to assess, or develop strategies to manage those risks.  A business owner can utilize a number of tools to help identify risk.

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Risk Profiles: Earthquakes

At 8:24 am on Friday, November 30th, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck southcentral Alaska and caused widespread property damage, but fortunately no loss of life.  This powerful earthquake, centered 10 miles north of half of Alaska’s population in the city of Anchorage, was felt as far away as 400 miles, and registered on the seismic […]

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